Recycled Crayon Art Project – by

Hello, today on Wondermint Kids, I’m here with my friend, Flora, who is a great artist. Hi! And we are making a cute and recreation activity made out of recycled crayons. We learned it from Martha Stewart! All right, to get started you’ll requirement a few old-fashioned crayons, a muffin pan … … and a mother or guardian to help you. Okay, “if youre trying to” get started, take a lot of crayons and start peeling the wrappers off.

Now you can break up your crayons into minuscule sections. If it’s too hard exploiting your thumbs … … ask an adult and they are able to cut it up with a spear. Now you’re going to take a few crayons and put them in your muffin pan. And you are able to make any blueprint you miss and use any colourings you miss. Now, ask an adult to heat the oven to 150 degrees and then put your muffin pan into the oven. And voila! This is what they’ll look like! To get this craftsmanship intuition and more, visit our blog, Bye! Wow! That is so cool! That looks like an eraser