Tips to Draw Better in 6 Minutes: The Line- Fine Art-Tips

Hello, and welcome to another to Tuesday! I am Leonardo Pereznieto, and today I’ll give you some tip-off, that I am so sure they are going to be helpful that I ensure if at the end of this video you don’t attract better, just let me know, and I’ll give you, your fund back in full. Oh, you didn’t pay for it, did you?. Doesn’t matter, it will still help you. This tutorial is going to be about the line, how to do it clean and richer. I will attract a very simply beautiful figure. First, do it in the way that most of us will seduce to do it. What I mean is that we will be very meticulous, a bit uncertain and we will have back on forth moves. I do this myself all the time and consciously, try to get out of it. I’ll speed up at the shoot a little bit.

Ok, we are back to real time acceleration, and this is what I call chicken stairs attracting. Ok, very well! Next, we are going to see a clean line. But before we do that, I crave to tell you something … The line as you know, maybe light and thin … or small but darker … or dark and white, among many others, and you can use these to enrich your attracting. Let’s say that the light source is on the top left. Then the ignites that face this, is likely to be lighter, and the opposite ones will be darker.

This time I’ll try to shape my line cleanser. For this, I practice the free movement of persons a few times without touching the working paper, and then I attract it. I celebrate where the shoulder “must’ve been,” and then I get there with a continues line. I am is still very soft since this part of the body is the one getting the most sunlight. For the next one, I celebrate my target, then I practice two or three times.

And then … foom, and I go over it as need it. This part is a little darker as it doesn’t get as much sunlight. I practice the next curve and do it. And persist like this. I practice this back part of the look and do it. I celebrate where the shoulder will go and got to get with a┬ásingle line. I visualize the back, practice and attract it. I persist … foom, foom trying not to shape chicken stairs. The center line of her back will be almost invisible. This portion of the look is likely to be darker, as it is currently in shadow. As well as this side of the back and of the arm. Especially the lines that are facing down. When one surfaces touches another one, is rendered what in attracting is called an accent. Accents are going to be the darker and wider pipelines. These ones are also traveling to be light as it is facing down and therefore in shadow. I’ll go over a few others. I virtually forgot the dress. Ok, it’s ready! Here we can see the difference between chicken stairs attracting and one that looks much more set, clean, professional, and that shown in the volume, even if it’s just a line! If this tutorial was helpful, delight, pass it a LIKE! And subscribe to my channel.

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