How to Make a Confetti Bowl – Part Two

I’ve got my Mod Podge on here and my confetti. Now what I need to do is take my Mod Podge this is why I can’t be stressed that wishes to this foam brushing I’m going to sponge this on here and again this is clumsy go which is all good exactly slop this on now here’s the dealio you are going to do this not once, not twice but three times more so that you end up with four coatings of this confetti remember we were talking about dates as you can see that’s already gonna take up four years so make sure that you have a residence to introduce this that you can decide it aside it’s not gonna come knocked over that’s why this pizza carton is immense exactly made it in it’s carton gave it sit somewhere exactly covering if you are able the best thing here and most important thing here is trying not to get the mod podge into the confetti as you are going to do this a lot you’re doing it four wraps four complete coverings what’s going to happen is your confetti is going to be in this big tub here you don’t want to drip ModPodge into your container if you are able help it because it’s like kitty offspring and it clumps and so you don’t want to be brought to an end with these big clumpy portions in here so this right now has two coats I would do this two more eras so I’d gave it dry for eight hours then I would Mod Podge it again made another seam on give it dry Mod Podge again and introduce a last layer four complete coatings of confetti this has four coatings on it what I am now gonna do is actually gonna made mods podge on here give it dry then another seam of Mod Podge give it dry and a final seam of Mod Podge so you’re talking about four coatings that are done with the confetti and then three coatings that are just done with Mod Podge and once again putting it on there covering the whole thing and then is letting it baked we now have four coatings of confetti and three coatings of Mod Podge right and now we’re ready for the exciting fraction which is we’re gonna pop our bag likely my favorite fraction and as you can see you end up with this super cool container here’s the thing you can come back if you crave and trim the confetti so that you make it nice and believe it or not it does trim you can close straight across or you can leave it various kinds of like I did with the instance you can leave it so that it’s kind of wonky at the top which i think is various kinds of fun now you’re very close to being done here I affection that the inside is so smooth isn’t that cool so now what you want to do is you crave to lend a locate to this because it is going to want to gratuity a little bit and if you want to add a locate you can use exactly one of these lids and this lid actually you could use the lid that’s left over from your Mod Podge because your gonna clearly go across it all I’m gonna made a little airstrip of duct strip on it exactly to embellish it like this just gonna take that little airstrip and wrap it around just gonna take my red-hot glue shoot glue all the way around and then just take that from the bottom here glue it on the foot so that that bides up and down and you can introduce different forms of chill material in there I’m envisioning something like little white-hot pellets or maybe popcorn or something like that I do want to show you this-this is one I’ve been working on this idea this is performed with four coatings of glamour and Mod Podge now you can see that it has a little give to it and I think that that’s because and so did these-these have a little give to it I think that that’s because of the elastic various kinds of sort the plastic various kinds of sort of the Mod Podge this is where I’m going to keep working on this I’m know … … if I come back and introduce a hard varnish on the outside if that wouldn’t make it stiffer so I’m gonna continue working on this but this is the essential campaign which is creating a bowl out of colored paper and Mod Podge and a bag or in this case glamour for more crazy hypothesis come and check us out a

How to Make a Confetti Bowl – Part One

I had become preoccupied with this confetti container and is intended to make it and so I actually drew it and we are going to make one together now Tell me just tell you one thing about this confetti container I learned so much while making such container, number 1 it takes a long long time to meet meaning that it takes about a week so if you’re gonna meet this container you have to dedicate a week to it ok so I’m just shedding that out there is not a quick and fastest and most down and soiled simple one this actually takes some time and it also this project that i’m gonna keep working on because I am convinced that there’s more to this one for this program though let’s get started and then I’ll keep talking as we’re working.

There’s a lot that happens in it I decided to use a pizza casket as kind of a posses all wield seat I found that it helps me with catching the confetti it was a great region to capture the glue it was a great region to to be able to move my programme backward and forward so I used a pizza casket for that you’re also going to need confetti now the confetti that I bought I went this online this is actually kind of made out of newspapers like died newspaper if you can find tissue paper more tissue papery kind of confetti I think you would do better than I did but just telling you what’s out there you can meet your own confetti if you crave to you know it’s just gonna take a long time you are gonna necessary about a quart of this you’re gonna necessary a good extent of it i entail this is this is a goodly extent of confetti and it goes through it rely me the other thing you gonna necessary a goodly extent of is Mod Podge you’re gonna necessary a 16 ounce bottle for this so get yourself a 16 ounce bottle of Mod Podge you’re perhaps gonna run through about 12 ounces of it really giving you the heads up a couple bags you’re gonna necessary I find the better lane to apply Mod Podge is one of these leech brushes and for this programme you surely surely surely crave a leech clean you don’t crave a clean clean ok what I entail by that is a hairbrush you know not not a whisker clean but a clean that has bristles.

I’ve also got a couple little container now I’ve got a bowl for catching and putting Mod Podge in if I want to and also I’ve got this little bowl and “its going to be” truly handy when I scoop and sprinkle now I have a big container and this is one of the most important things because it is the catch all you need this to catch the confetti I’m also going to be using some canal videotape and I’m gonna be using the inside of a canal videotape bun this is what I’m gonna be using to meet my stand while I’m working on this you can use a vase or something like that but I felt that this is great because it impedes it low-toned and centered you can hold on to it I really felt this to be best available for me I went an exacto pierce now you don’t have to have this this is just for me when I sounds my bag but you are going to necessary scissors and I’ve got mine right now and you’re gonna necessary a glue firearm later on at the last stages of doing this this is kind of like a fix picture because you have to do this in stages and when I say it takes a week I entail it takes a week so the first thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna blow up our bag you wanna blow it up about half of a bag length like so you don’t want to blow it up a really super super large-scale if you wanna do a bigger, tie it off if you want to do to a bigger container I would suggest a 16 ” balloon, this is an 11 ” balloon.

I’m gonna take that canal videotape bun that is the end of the bun and I’m actually gonna region my bag on top I’m gonna pull my end piece through and I’m gonna videotape it to the spool and the reason is because one of the things that I learned is as I was making this starts to get top heavy and when it gets top-heavy what it wants to do is flip all over your work space so literally I had this bag like flinging around my work space like confetti winging everywhere rely me it was quite a mess so I’m trying to save you a bit of a mess OK so I’ve gathered this this is the end I gathered it out and through I’m videotaping it to my bun now it stands nice and even OK ready to get chaotic? this is a recreation recreation skill you can do this with your babies it is a super super super super chaotic skill OK let’s get started first thing to do is take my Mod Podge and situated it in the container now so I can get to it because my and yes that’s a lot of Mod Podge but my clean is preferably large-scale and I can’t really proceed into my my Mod Podge,

With it so i’m gonna swarm it into this container okay now here’s what I learned don’t be avaricious with your Mod Podge you gotta be slathering it on there that’s why it’s kind of recreation with the babies really really truly get laid there don’t be shy don’t put only a bit on there and the other thing that I realized that I should let you know is I had tried it with glue and water it operates but not as well for some reason Mod Podge just really seems to be the produce that works really well for this now this is where because you’ve got this taped now you can collect this up slather this thing and I did try a technique depict in little slice and pertaining my confetti but I felt that is really was not the best of techniques what you really want to do is just cover the whole top fraction of your bag so that you’re making a container chassis situated that off to the side grab your container you need your bowl and this is where you’re gonna take your confetti and start dispersing it on you really want to go to town with this, this is where babies can have fun now there’s some little depressions now try to fill in the depressions with your confetti this is where.

I think if I had tissue paper confetti I would be doing better than applying this confetti that I have here really made to ensure that you got every bit of it clothed now you’re gonna need to set this aside and let it bone-dry for about 8 hours this is why I said that this takes time you can’t surge this because you really want this bed to be dry and solid before you set on your next bed.

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How to Bead Weave a Daisy Chain

Today I’m going to show you how to bead knit a daisy chain. It’s really a simple proficiency, and it is a lot of merriment. You could report a lot of distance in a short quantity of occasion which is really nice with beading knitting when you can do that. I have samples here. Here’s a classic daisy chain where you’ll visualize the daisy with the center. Then there are a few balls between it and the next daisy a few more balls another daisy. Here’s a variant on that where I’ve actually applied a larger size bead inside. So I’ve got 11/0 on the outside, and a size 8/ 0 in the middle and then I’ve done it where I’ve done one beading between each daisy and over here I haven’t employ any seed beads between the many daisies. I’ve just done one daisy next to another next to another, and I’ve actually added more around the outside. It might all seem a bit different claim now. I’m going to show you how to do all three different techniques.

Here’s only another variant where I’ve done the same technique, but I’ve applied Czech glass balls in size four millimeter. So to begin, you’re going to want to take some beading thread. Either Nymo, ko or I’ve got some wildfire depending upon what you’re going to want to be doing with it. I’ve stranded my needle onto the thread. I’m utilizing a size ten needle for the activity I’m doing. Of route, you’re going to want to opt your needle according to your project.

I’m going to place a stopper beading onto my thread. I’m going to tie a simple overhand bow leaving a posterior of about six to eight inches. And for you the first to route to do a daisy chain I’m going to go ahead and situate eight balls onto my needle. So I got five, six, seven, eight. You’re always going to want to have an even number of balls. You can run it, though. You can use six you can use ten. Do as many as you like. Pull those balls down to your bead stop. Depart onward and follow through that first beading string. Draw your needle through so you’ve created a loop. At this level try to gather your balls as close to the beading stop as you can. Take a different pigment beading. It can be the same size, or it can be larger. Draw that down. Position what will be the center beading in the center of your round and then weigh starting with the beading you went through firstly, so that was your first beading you strung, and then you only went through it again.

We want to count five balls over. This is if you’re going to do eight balls on this round. So one, two, three four, five. On the fifth beading come up through it thus fastening your middle beading in place, and you can see now that it’s stood directly in the center of your round. So you’ve got three balls on the side, one on both sides and then three balls on the top constituent as well. So that’s in the center. Now if you want to you can go ahead and add several beads.

I’ve got three here onto your beading thread as a spacer beading between your daisies. Then to make another daisy only simply pick up eight more I’ve got four, five, six, seven, eight Pull them down until they meet the spacer balls. Now go back through the first one, and if you impound it like this, it’s going to keep those neat and close up to your spacer balls. You can scoot them down as well. Depart onward and add a hub beading again. Count five balls from the beading you only exited through. So one two three four five. My fifth beading I’m gonna go through. There you have another daisy. Pick up a few more spacer beads.

I’m going to do one more daisy this route then I’m going to do another type. So eight balls again. Five, six, seven, eight. Draw them down. Depart through the first one. Make a clique. Include a middle beading. Position it in the center weigh five balls, so one, two, three, four, five follow through that fifth beading there are still you have a daisy. So we made a neat little chain like this.

I’m going to do one more daisy this route then I’m going to do another type. So eight balls again. Five, six, seven, eight. Draw them down. Depart through the first one. Make a clique. Include a middle beading. Position it in the center weigh five balls, so one, two, three, four, five follow through that fifth beading there are still you have a daisy. So we made a neat little chain like this.
Now if you want to do a little variant you can go ahead and only do one daisy next to another daisy without spacer balls, and you would just go ahead and pick up another eight balls directly after you finished your daisy. So I’ve got four, five, six, seven and eight. Draw these down. Reach sure you take note of where you’re Daisy aims, and your new balls begin. Go through that first beading you strung. This is going to be the first beading of the new Daisy. Depart onward and add a hub beading. Count five balls. One, two, three, four, five. Now to adjust the daisy chain a bit, if you want to add a larger beading in the middle such as this four millimeter round what I’m going to do is pick up ten balls the first time. So two, three. And I requirement more balls to accommodate “the world’s largest” circumference of my middle beading. I’m going to go through the first beading that I strung just like I did with my other daisies. I’m going to string now my middle beading position it in the middle. Now what I’m going do is I’m going to weigh six balls over, weighing the first one I started with.

So one, two, three, four, five, six. Depart from it. Pull tightly, and I’ll show you how to do that one more occasion. Pick up ten follow through the first beading string on your bigger middle beading position it in the middle weigh six beads one, two, three, four, five, six follow through it there are still you have your daisy join. That is all there is to bead knitting a daisy chain. Depart to for all of your beading render needs !.