DIY: Easy Bracelets using Drinking Straws – Recycling Project

Did you know that you can use drinking straws not only for sucking your favorite soda or milkshakes? But too for obligating colorful bracelets that are perfect for summertime? They are so recreation and natural to force, you won’t believe it! And today I’m going to show you how to obligate them so you can obligate them For this project you are going to need nylon thread in the color of your selection.

A few drinking straws in the color of your choice as well I employed ordinary plastic straw I had at home. And you will also need scissors, a marker, a ruler and some tape. Start by segmenting the straw into segments extending your marker I assessed out 1 cm, but you are able to measure out any section you want. If “you’ve had” that, plow ahead and cut the straw into patches expanding the employment guidelines we are only created I cut off about 20 -2 5 pieces of straw after that, cut off your nylon thread at about 1 meter or more so you have enough thread working in cooperation with it.

Then fold the yarn in half and protected the crease with some tape to your desk Now we can finally start establishing the bracelet First take one side of the thread and gather it through the straw from one surface like a pendant. Then do the same with the other end of the thread And then draw everything tight Be sure to obligate the loop at the top not very broad as this is going to be a part of the ending. Now you only need to repeat this step until your bracelet is long enough for your wrist too.

Pull one surface of the thread through the straw and then do the same with the other side. It doesn’t matter what side you are going to start with and if the fiber should be below or above, so don’t worry about that Every access acts fine! If you want to leave space between each straw patch for your design, you can do that of course. But if you get uneven spreads in between and you don’t like it, you are able to carefully draw everything together by moving one patch at a time towards the crown. And as soon as the bracelet is long enough, fasten the end with a bow. Now you are able to create a closure that you are able to open and close.

You can add a bigger patch of straw the same way as we did with the bracelet role and protected it with some bows/ This access you are able to gather it through the loop and wear it like that. Or you can just secure both concluded with a few bows since the bracelet is pretty elastic ensure that you are obligated bows that are strong enough, so the bracelet doesn’t open accidently. And maybe you know a kind of proper bow technique that is absolutely secure You can bind the bracelets however you like. You can use drinking straws in 2 different colors Cut the patches a lot smaller Or mingled 2 different sizes together So basically you can experiment and create your own favorite bracelet! And if “you’re willing to” recreate these bangles, ensure that you are share situation with me! I would really love to see them! I hope you experienced this video and felt it helpful if you did, be sure to like this video and agree if you haven’t already to watch more recreation and easy DIYs in the future!

DIY Mosaic Tile Bird Bath – Man Vs. Pin – Pinterest Test #45

Let’s just get into it. A couple a few weeks ago, Justice commented, “This looks pretty swag.” Over 1800 of you agreed, which is a little ludicrous. If you don’t know what swag necessitates, Urban Dictionary characterizes it as “the most used word in the whole[ beep] universe.” Apparently, the committee is also necessitates Secretly We Are Gay. Who knew? The mosaic tile fowl bath, originally posted over on Me and My DIY, this thing is made out of DVDs. DV what? I belief I still have a few of those somewhere.

Oh yeah, here we go, House of 1000 Corpses, classic, Pineapple Express, Adventure Time, Womb Raider. Wait. Hold on, Assablanca? How’d these get in here? These aren’t mine. Corinne, are these yours? All right, keep moving, the directions say to take some scissors and cut the DVD in half. Then it kind of separates into two, so you remove the outer plastic layer, and then you take the reflective side and you cut those into small-scale pieces. All right, I did that, and it looks like[ beep ]. I cut them into smaller pieces, and they turned out as bad. I don’t want to glue these onto anything. All right, I’m going to try this out on some age-old Cds and realize if it gets any better. Katy Perry? Hold on. You’re not “re going away”. All right, these Cds are a little bit easier. No extra plastic layer to remove or cut into, but still they’re moving out like[ beep ]. It wasn’t until about 8 to 10 discs in that I recognized the whole secret is you’ve just got to cut these[ beep] things super precise, super slow. Merely then will it not look like[ beep ]. Applying this technique to the DVDs didn’t really help so much better, so I merely protruded to the CDs.

And eventually, things are looking up. A small-scale tip-off: Cutting CDs[ beep] suctions. Objective of tip-off. Hours afterward, I eventually had enough tiny, little Cd pieces to start work on my fowl bath. I got myself a good-sized saucer platter thing. I grabbed some heavy job cement and began adding Cd pieces one after one after one after one. Once I was finished with the bottom, I glued pieces at the edges and along the sides. What had to be nearly 18 hours later I was ultimately finished gluing[ beep] to this platter. I left it out to dry overnight, and the next morning busted out the grout. Now, I myself “ve never” employed grout, so I followed the trace out educations the best I could and intent up with, I hope, the right consistency. I don’t[ beep] know. Looks okay, I guess. Once mixed, I began to spread it onto the platter utilizing a putty knife, but that kind of sucked Then I stole this thing from the kitchen because that’s what they used in the pin, but that is actually wasn’t much better. It eventually came down to me merely utilizing my hands, which was the best option.

I filled in all the spaces, stimulated sure it was smooth, and then, with a damp cloth, mopped off all the Cd tiles. I feel like after I added the grout it muddled some of the color a little bit. That and I belief DVDs are a little bit more purple-y in color. Whatever the case, I think it searches awesome. I placed it in the downstairs garden-variety, added some water, and now to see if this thing actually works. Boom. Yeah it does. That is one swagalicious fowl bath. Those guys are having a bang. Four things: First thing, subscribe. ThreadBanger is about to reached thousands and thousands of[ beep] customers, and that’s just[ beep] insane. Second thing, like this video up. Even if you didn’t like the video. Who cares? It’s just a stupid button. Third thing, leave your pins in specific comments below so I know what the[ beep] I’m doing next week.

Fabulous Rolled Paper Projects

I mentioned in a previous video that I’ve been watching a lot of these Hispanic crafters acting their magical with some newspapers, magazines, and grey adhesive. There’s this one girlfriend, I swear to you she could probably construct home out of newspapers and Elmer’s. She does amazing things. Anyway I’ve been really inspired by them and have been rolling newspaper tubes like a crazy wife! I only imagined the the paper beadings were addictive…the tubes are worse, At least they are for me and it may be because they’re a bit easier for me to do. They’re still not delightful to do if you have hand issues … they’re kind of like newspaper beadings … your hands are possibly gonna cramp up complain but they’re not difficult and challenging, I don’t think anyway because they’re not as small.

You don’t have to hold on to such a small situation. pasar start watching his videos mated to attain some to I have made some before several years ago and our stock exchange RAM have never did you memorize French banks 1,000, 000 spar but I discovered that I moved the incorrect I’m not incorrect but in a not very efficient behavior there’s a better behavior and what I learned yes you need to a strip of newspaper don’t use the whole publication page utilize I’m kinda into segment and that acquires your to is your twofold and roster if you use the whole sheet vendor the middle division every year newspaper to gets really sick could scuttle add a mantle rolled up in there and when it’s really sick and if you’re wanting to match into it a little spiro like this you’re gonna have trouble because it’s Sam it’s hard to do with 10 newspaper dense newspaper really hard so what you do is you cut it into peacetime and for like high standards publication page you’re just up in the publication is a possibility cut in half down the middle only you know that’s all you need there’s I’ve been doing about four inch wide-cut rows this was an old-fashioned textbook taylor’s that she couldn’t resell it was a I’m good artwork record and it was one of those fit you no shame some text but she only can’t indicate back so we’re gonna it was gonna move container and I want to shoot out could have some pretty colorings on some of the pages so I remained the entire volume up like that in our folder what affects up to she’s got Chosun viral commerce which have some have some shade in it and waited for articles get not too heavy but it’s got a glossy finish Malacca and sharing likewise encountered a a sociology and this telephone has from good shade hatch as well as run the cement filler newspaper not quite as costly but it only has amassed finish on it so all tech specs there you go and boy you can old-fashioned text I’m for next to nothing at for storages they’re always there if you haven’t moved up but of course you can use whatever magazines come into your home for newspapers as well I don’t care as much for the newspapers of taiwan a hour but the publication too great prove are you do is cut your page down to about a four-inch trip-up doesn’t have to be perfect don’t have to be straight doesn’t have to be exact yeah I think it does have to be is as smooth as you can get it on the perimeters and houses will have to be kinda worded up a little I encountered this cell when I started doing some newspapers and I imagined okay cutting these is gonna be really laborious patently a straight-shooting rim down and a refund into I’m areas you know for its wide-cut rows which that’s what often do for newspaper machete it works out prime not so much for this because I’m you do sometimes here a little she the edge it’s a bit like a bat or a little jagged were storm and that doesn’t work when you roll it little jagged perimeters stick out so hope pairing didn’t work but I did find that it wasn’t a big deal to only you now maintain the pager pitch-black business and cut it comic strip that behavior who doesn’t have to be perfect see you take your raising hey your newspaper page by the way Saturday newspaper with all of the I’m marketings ads and and the big colorful grocery ads are those are great national much shade and up prove you know Sunday perfect first be useful for the textbook pages you need a skewer this is what are “the worlds biggest” skewers and I don’t know where I got it from seems casino at the craftsmanship storage I’m not even going to the convenience store but its wanna be you know kinda heavy responsibility one I don’t know what Shahzad s I only kind of the larger skewer slightly smaller than a drinking straw headed that behavior you take this he layered on a reces one corner ok here have extra newspaper you don’t need an precise a what he called a automobile privilege Angol down at the bottom you want it like this I should have look back my geometry what is that like a that’s a right triangle right and action Natasha least I forget okay with me rebounded off of operate and I’m speak about folding I’m start rolling any only wanna make sure fetish days snag cashier all ripening picking it up hand and the kinda guy is depends on the newspaper publisher got some differently debates like a like a sicker tacky adhesive consummate this sick newspaper that you just made even elmer’s are now working on the newspaper’s within our articles for your fasten out and they’re sure to Tina takes practically no time at all there is a reading swerve I’m so you’ll he’ll likely do at least two dozen before you get into the groove that’s about what it took me and when you finish you may notice that one and if you’re very is a little bit big around than the other often this the stand down here that we started with will stay nice and tight but the one at the and whatever it is you be brought to an end is a little bit big you want backed of course you don’t want to be huge you don’t want a huge gap but if you look at it “theres going” ok until slightly big than this one clue for that’s okay because you’re actually gonna necessity that pot am that’s all you do and then you wanna make about thousands and thousands of if these because what it will take can’t really do anything with them so after you’ve got about thousands and thousands of can actually feel I really characterize this evening I don’t we indicate the newspaper have I found that the actual newspaper pages like this is an actual word perhaps newspaper page I don’t care for these this match for a little bit harder to roll up for me it’s hard to keep it tight municipality compositor sides pitch-black so and I often only whole I’m just kinda gently supporting it together with my left thumbs like best only to keep it from spreading out and get into very wide-cut but you just have to preserve a constant tension it and don’t let go this is another reason why be longer in mister fisher’s here okay again and you don’t you know you figure out which behavior is most effective for you sometimes maintaining it land on the table is best other occasions it’s better if you pick it up can do this you just have to figure out which behavior you like and whatever you do don’t let go good yeah all yours your and there you have it know if you can tell this and is a little bit wider than this and not like you know freakishly so but a bit wider I’m not okay because that will be useful when you sir oiling so there you have it her I’m male after you’ve made billion like prove these are mostly the sum up the glossy ads from the Sunday paper then you can start coiling them or or you know you can just lay them out like this and attain material out of my machine you some wall art and some clocks move some caskets covered with foam you know that kind of situation which is great a local that substance from one thing you can stimulate it’s very easy is over Bowl and you start by making a cholo like this and I’m going to like a demo video for 10 days but I’m this won’t be a and this one is not this one is a bay already glued together doesn’t move but you only start cloying and if your gonna hollow the limb strapped what are you gonna make a bowl it easier if you drop first her tomato like just yesterday and I only viewed say it was a blog post up for maybe Etsy shop with the status of women who sells material made a publication pages mister X several hundred dollars for each one of the things she sells cuz they’re awesome and she talks about the process and you know why they cost so much is because it’s just so time-consuming to roll all the papers and then drop them and she said that and then flatten them and I was like 0 she flattened I’m cuz I have just been you know taken that were asserted I justed I have expended a occupation fair situation you know start here like that little dab Cooper and a stroll you know just like that and only drop it myself as I wanna lock that’s what I was doing it didn’t appear to me Latin amount first and then core book and your family members from Bolton and paper material made outer I’m magazine pages that have been folded instead of Cornell and that’s an option too I only don’t like the folding situation better I don’t but comforting to me it was a comforting to me polling is just irk I don’t know why but it is in that context anyone but should drop I don’t go head up she didn’t say how she contrived owned what’s useful at No after listening pasta machine runs neatly have got one of those sold her crank tabletop pasta machines that has never pictured a plummet apostate a cantar la it just for commerce purposes only and I used to run a lot of pollack right through it but it is perfect for destroying a missile did stir their flatten them flat-out attain so much is here coral and the coils are much meter so Hurley there’s an option for the hatch here machine you can probably use if you have a pier at machine was one of those long moments on it that would probably work to only anything to score some and then you can call them and attain them and to you something like this bowl but I made and it only nothing but ringlet I feel but this one was part of our record volume and it’s the coiled from to and when you the improvement that she required money and to be bigger than the other while you’re correlating and you wanna hear you get 12 coiled in your ready to add the next you want to be able to slip one hand into the other and if you have one and that’s always a bit big than the other it’s much easier to get them to fit together so that’s why that one and big is actually a good situation I’m so and out the video for the a the link for the video that I watched the I’m hispanic wife doing this where and kiss you she only doesn’t really well and only kinda moved the ball really waned look to some videos but kinda moved it up below where at and did the whole basi like this switching out truly easy-going only retain adding see will likewise examine are you more and then only started instead of leaving them flat only use a little adhesive to construct them up as I watch body so and there’s a couple different ways to do that i’m gonna try another way to house it was done am I times some markers to somebody is I’m favor Casto markers and only cum sperm on it really but I loved it random scruples and wouldn’t be shade and and perhaps that was already on there and combined with a marker which is really kind of transparent it just came out looking really cool so I like it and all I allows one to close it when it was good I’m his I’m I have your container watered-down elmer’s and that’s what I used this now that it’s finished with the shade and everything Thursday final a better sealer on it like a a varnish or something four Mod Podge would be fine you know i mean you’re not trying to get dishwasher safe for anything I’m only appear dinner to use sketch are time to does and he wanna kick it up a notch bad I am Thursday’s this is a basket but then i’ma and this was another this was a oh my gosh we’ve got a million paper be is what we’re gonna do indicate I came up with this sort of situation to and try to beat in the middle of each little cold thingy and this hoping it’s made out of Taylor’s old-fashioned artwork record volume and I was inspired to make this by live basket that I have academy some basket but I have and that on lap and who know if you can see it without me spelling at it is made at a baseball cap and I did not make it I bought it and I think about it at Barnes& Noble to happen material like this at one time that was play-act it’s not mine Africa or something mitts and I’m there was some kind of special you know imported maybe fundraising crafty situations that they had and I only e fine you know i mean you’re not trying to get dishwasher safe for anything I’m only appear dinner to use sketch are time to does and he wanna kick it up a notch bad I am Thursday’s this is a basket but then i’ma and this was another this was a oh my gosh we’ve got a million paper be is what we’re gonna do indicate I came up with this sort of situation to and try to beat in the middle of each little cold thingy and this hoping it’s made out of Taylor’s old-fashioned artwork record volume and I was inspired to make this by live basket that I have academy some basket but I have and that on lap and who know if you can see it without me spelling at it is made at a baseball cap and I did not make it I bought it and I think about it at Barnes& Noble to happen material like this at one time that was play-act it’s not mine Africa or something mitts and I’m there was some kind of special you know imported maybe fundraising crafty situations that they had and I only home and attain me glad that would be so great showed that was kinda the design brainchild for this duration because I cherish that bottle cap basket so much I just sort of simulated the love here with this little spiralings and this organization is fib and to but page two teams together and then our time together this is some assistance a line material so haven’t turned it off and and the bottom is a from cereal container Scopus Nana Nana no compass Golden Grahams it’s a up serenity over Golden Grahams cereal container responded I only had some other tubes on for the bottom and I used to compounding up to some techie that tacky adhesive capture material from them are some red-hot adhesive in fuzz to Jason drilled all of a little punctures for the beach  still not only lovin it but it’s okay cuz it kinda funky and odd and if ret can I like it I mean ideally it would have been great to apply newspaper beadings on here that making around newspaper bead is a animal it’s a animal but I don’t lack so I would even do that but this I imagined this was a really good used only for the am whole bunch newspaper beadings and I really love the way it turned out and I thought that I might indicate the Sun at sea ever embezzled my I’m not sure but they’re going to cost about$ 4 billion dollars each because that’s how much trouble by or can attain sure you so it is likely to be much easier now that I know what I’m doing and I know what not to do met here this Russo this was the trip-up so there’s that and that’s what this place is right here and working on another one but I want it to I’m working on around kind of the large bowl I’m with sharpies open speaking wizard Anna I will probably use some some more newspaper beach think move I’m something else urgent to talk to you about stature a tell only the extra awkward I’m sorry the end

How to Make DIY Tin Can Wind Chimes: Faux Rust Recycled Tin Can Chime Art Project

Hey, there imaginative exertions, Chongolio, here again, busting a move and bringing you video log #21 And in this episode I’m gonna walk you through how to create a faux root proficiency and likewise how to make a homemade, recycled, kinetically driven berth cataclysmic, folk artistries statue. Too called a tin can wind chime. I employed a roll of things you’ll need down below You can also get some more helpful tip-off by following the link to my website. This little tutorial bit longer than most of my other video enters so let’s movement right on into it, shall we? Okay, the first thing we are going to do is flex the edges of these bottle ceilings outward expanding these needle nose pliers. You don’t have to bend them too much just slightly out to be allowed to demolish them flat with a mallet. Hammer away from your digits and be careful not to destroy your paws. I am crushing my bottle ceilings flat on this 1 x 2″ article of the grove to protect my table’s surface.

I will likewise use this section of the grove in the next step of this project. Next, I am going to use this finishing hammer to settle flaws in the ceilings and likewise to contain them into the plaza. When I pull out the rubber lining from inside the ceilings With a heat shoot or a “hairs-breadth” dryer blast the ceilings with some hot air to assistance, loosen the glue beneath the rubber liner. Pay attention to the heat because you don’t want to defrost that happening. I was heating mine for about 8 seconds with this pro heat shoot. The ceilings get hot so use the needle nose pliers to comprised the detonator in place while you pick out the liner. You’ll find some liners come out easier than others, but on the adamant ones plow ahead and heat those suckers up until their virtually to the point the melting then use the head of the jailer to assistance scrape out the liner from the inside the cap.

The conclude behind removing the coating is to constitute them more resonating and not so dull voice. Virtually, we are procreating little insignificant cymbals. We’re likewise going to give the same treatment to 3 disconnected bottle ceilings. You don’t need to pull the liners out of these ones, but “you’re about” employed flaws opposite of each other. These 3 detonators were going to use as show-stoppers for the cans, and while we’re at it let’s go ahead and take one of the lids from the medium or the small can, hammer it flat and pierce a fault in that as well.

Be super careful of the edges on those cans hey are really sharp! Use your needle nose with pliers to stop back any burrs that might get ya. Now let’s go ahead and prepare the cans which have been soaked in water, and the labels removed Some WD-4 0, an age-old rag and a little elbow grease can take off any residual glue left from the labels. Consuming the 1 x 2″ article of the grove and the mallet and nail we’re gonna plow ahead and poke some flaws in the open be brought to an end the smallest can.

Keep hammering flaws around the cheek of the can until you have eight flaws that are spaced similarly apart. Smack a fault in the center of each of the three cans, and then we can call it quits with the hole hammering. Now let’s get into some black acrylic cover and start covering those cans. You can see I am only squirting the cover on the top of that smallest can and then expanding a touch to request the sheet to the other cans. Become onward and afford all three can see several hairs of cover and be sure to let each coat cool before exploiting the next layer. Don’t forget to get both sides of that lid extremely. The next step in the painting process commits expending Rub and Buff. And proficiency that I picked up from Gary Reef and Rach0 113 and then added my own Chongolian slant to it.

Mostly, you’re pressuring the Rub and Buff onto your paw and smearing it on the can leave areas of the black under locate to establish through in some smudges How often you put on is a matter of preference. But I would go on delicately and build up as necessary. Do up all three cans, and then you’ll be ready to move on to the next step. Now grab your turquoise acrylic cover, We’re gonna water this down merely a bit and then dabble it onto the cans expanding an ocean leech. Formerly again no need to go on too dark, you can always be developed further more beds eventually. It is not necessary truly to get the transcends of the medium and the small can because you’re not going to see them. But be sure to get the top of the big can. When that blue cover is baked, we are gonna do the same happening all over again except this time we are going to use the orange paint.

Hit all three cans and then give those puppies dry. Addressing some polyurethane varnish to your cans will help protect the cover from chips and rot for a little while, but if you hang your air sounds outside, eventually these components are going to make they’re grow including some real rusty to them. Which isn’t a bad happening because it will merely add to the weather-beaten review that we’re trying to come. So now it’s time to string up those cans. I’m gonna use a 3-foot article a plastic coated cable that I scavenged from an age-old Ethernet cable. Take one of the three ceilings that have the two flaws in it and thread it about 8 inches up from the end of the wire. Strand the end of the rope through the other fault and loop the cable around itself to keep the bottle detonator in place. Now make the long terminate of the cable and thread it through the inside of the can and out the hole.

It should now be pretty clear what we’re trying to do. By using the bottle ceilings to keep the can in its place on the duration of the cable, We’re gonna do the same happening for the other two cans by eyeballing the length necessary for the smallest is likely to nestle just slightly within the medium size can. Set a flex in the cable and then slide the bottle detonator down into its plaza.  Formerly again loop the wire around itself on the bottom of the bottle detonator, thread through the top fault and into the medium size is possible, and out the top.  Repeat the process for the largest is possible and “were all” done string them up.

String the tail end of that cable through that tin can eyelid, slant it around itself and that will act as our air catcher. The final step is to attach those 8 bottle detonator anglers to the cheek of that small-time can. You will need about 2 hoofs or so of cable which we will thread through the holes and then wrap around itself leaving a great enough loop-the-loop and then wrap around itself leaving a large sufficiently loop-the-loop so that the cable can move freely.

Measure and trimmed the wire about an inch below the length where the bottle detonator will hang down and stroke the can cause eyelid. The Strand that cable through the bottle detonator leaving a big enough loop-the-loop for the bottle detonator to move around freely. Wrap the cord around itself, and then echo the process for the remaining bottle ceilings. When you’re all done should have something that looks like this. And that’s my proficiency how to build yourself some tin can wind sounds. Now, this tutorial is certainly just the tip of the iceberg, so feel free to make these intuitions and let your ability tent-fly and run wild! Try out your own rotate constructions extending driftwood, toys, silverware, whatever you can find and watch what you can come up with. And you better believe that if you form something chill that I wanna see it.

Recycled Pallet Wood Art: Using Pallet Wood and Random Items to make Wall Art

The Wave All right here’s some of the material I’m used to trying and making this recycled wall artwork. I have some pallet lumber, some old barn wood, some glass scraps, this thin piece of plywood, and then I have some old Christmas lighters. I’m going to go ahead and get started by putting the pallet lumber onto the plywood.* Spray paint* So there you go recycled pallet wood wall artwork. Overall I think it turned out kind of cool. It was just basically a merriment job because I’ve been having this idea about wanting to be all artsy and uh…

Make the kind of uh … like a framed artwork piece use pallet lumber and some up random scrap cloth so this is what I purposed up with I’m jubilant with it, you know considering I’m not artsy at all. I suck terribly at outlining and you’ve maybe noticed all I ever describe are waves because that’s all I can describe so busted out a ripple over there I did kinda like a little floral situation.  Over here with the glass you know the palm tree in some buds and material like that in the background, it’s kind of like uh … this a little painted graphic you know what sun lights come out represent a sunset with the nighttime coming over the top.

So finished yet up there with a barn lumber chassis and oh yea the best part oh yea twinkling starring kind of cool, huh.  So yeah, that kinda finished it up with the stars That’s just old Christmas lighters with holes drilled, and I poked the lighters through and I just kinda think it generates it fresh effects, so that’s it for this week until next time Stay bummy beach bummy LOL !, that was stupid.

How to Make a Confetti Bowl – Part Two

I’ve got my Mod Podge on here and my confetti. Now what I need to do is take my Mod Podge this is why I can’t be stressed that wishes to this foam brushing I’m going to sponge this on here and again this is clumsy go which is all good exactly slop this on now here’s the dealio you are going to do this not once, not twice but three times more so that you end up with four coatings of this confetti remember we were talking about dates as you can see that’s already gonna take up four years so make sure that you have a residence to introduce this that you can decide it aside it’s not gonna come knocked over that’s why this pizza carton is immense exactly made it in it’s carton gave it sit somewhere exactly covering if you are able the best thing here and most important thing here is trying not to get the mod podge into the confetti as you are going to do this a lot you’re doing it four wraps four complete coverings what’s going to happen is your confetti is going to be in this big tub here you don’t want to drip ModPodge into your container if you are able help it because it’s like kitty offspring and it clumps and so you don’t want to be brought to an end with these big clumpy portions in here so this right now has two coats I would do this two more eras so I’d gave it dry for eight hours then I would Mod Podge it again made another seam on give it dry Mod Podge again and introduce a last layer four complete coatings of confetti this has four coatings on it what I am now gonna do is actually gonna made mods podge on here give it dry then another seam of Mod Podge give it dry and a final seam of Mod Podge so you’re talking about four coatings that are done with the confetti and then three coatings that are just done with Mod Podge and once again putting it on there covering the whole thing and then is letting it baked we now have four coatings of confetti and three coatings of Mod Podge right and now we’re ready for the exciting fraction which is we’re gonna pop our bag likely my favorite fraction and as you can see you end up with this super cool container here’s the thing you can come back if you crave and trim the confetti so that you make it nice and believe it or not it does trim you can close straight across or you can leave it various kinds of like I did with the instance you can leave it so that it’s kind of wonky at the top which i think is various kinds of fun now you’re very close to being done here I affection that the inside is so smooth isn’t that cool so now what you want to do is you crave to lend a locate to this because it is going to want to gratuity a little bit and if you want to add a locate you can use exactly one of these lids and this lid actually you could use the lid that’s left over from your Mod Podge because your gonna clearly go across it all I’m gonna made a little airstrip of duct strip on it exactly to embellish it like this just gonna take that little airstrip and wrap it around just gonna take my red-hot glue shoot glue all the way around and then just take that from the bottom here glue it on the foot so that that bides up and down and you can introduce different forms of chill material in there I’m envisioning something like little white-hot pellets or maybe popcorn or something like that I do want to show you this-this is one I’ve been working on this idea this is performed with four coatings of glamour and Mod Podge now you can see that it has a little give to it and I think that that’s because and so did these-these have a little give to it I think that that’s because of the elastic various kinds of sort the plastic various kinds of sort of the Mod Podge this is where I’m going to keep working on this I’m know … … if I come back and introduce a hard varnish on the outside if that wouldn’t make it stiffer so I’m gonna continue working on this but this is the essential campaign which is creating a bowl out of colored paper and Mod Podge and a bag or in this case glamour for more crazy hypothesis come and check us out a

How to Make a Confetti Bowl – Part One

I had become preoccupied with this confetti container and is intended to make it and so I actually drew it and we are going to make one together now Tell me just tell you one thing about this confetti container I learned so much while making such container, number 1 it takes a long long time to meet meaning that it takes about a week so if you’re gonna meet this container you have to dedicate a week to it ok so I’m just shedding that out there is not a quick and fastest and most down and soiled simple one this actually takes some time and it also this project that i’m gonna keep working on because I am convinced that there’s more to this one for this program though let’s get started and then I’ll keep talking as we’re working.

There’s a lot that happens in it I decided to use a pizza casket as kind of a posses all wield seat I found that it helps me with catching the confetti it was a great region to capture the glue it was a great region to to be able to move my programme backward and forward so I used a pizza casket for that you’re also going to need confetti now the confetti that I bought I went this online this is actually kind of made out of newspapers like died newspaper if you can find tissue paper more tissue papery kind of confetti I think you would do better than I did but just telling you what’s out there you can meet your own confetti if you crave to you know it’s just gonna take a long time you are gonna necessary about a quart of this you’re gonna necessary a good extent of it i entail this is this is a goodly extent of confetti and it goes through it rely me the other thing you gonna necessary a goodly extent of is Mod Podge you’re gonna necessary a 16 ounce bottle for this so get yourself a 16 ounce bottle of Mod Podge you’re perhaps gonna run through about 12 ounces of it really giving you the heads up a couple bags you’re gonna necessary I find the better lane to apply Mod Podge is one of these leech brushes and for this programme you surely surely surely crave a leech clean you don’t crave a clean clean ok what I entail by that is a hairbrush you know not not a whisker clean but a clean that has bristles.

I’ve also got a couple little container now I’ve got a bowl for catching and putting Mod Podge in if I want to and also I’ve got this little bowl and “its going to be” truly handy when I scoop and sprinkle now I have a big container and this is one of the most important things because it is the catch all you need this to catch the confetti I’m also going to be using some canal videotape and I’m gonna be using the inside of a canal videotape bun this is what I’m gonna be using to meet my stand while I’m working on this you can use a vase or something like that but I felt that this is great because it impedes it low-toned and centered you can hold on to it I really felt this to be best available for me I went an exacto pierce now you don’t have to have this this is just for me when I sounds my bag but you are going to necessary scissors and I’ve got mine right now and you’re gonna necessary a glue firearm later on at the last stages of doing this this is kind of like a fix picture because you have to do this in stages and when I say it takes a week I entail it takes a week so the first thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna blow up our bag you wanna blow it up about half of a bag length like so you don’t want to blow it up a really super super large-scale if you wanna do a bigger, tie it off if you want to do to a bigger container I would suggest a 16 ” balloon, this is an 11 ” balloon.

I’m gonna take that canal videotape bun that is the end of the bun and I’m actually gonna region my bag on top I’m gonna pull my end piece through and I’m gonna videotape it to the spool and the reason is because one of the things that I learned is as I was making this starts to get top heavy and when it gets top-heavy what it wants to do is flip all over your work space so literally I had this bag like flinging around my work space like confetti winging everywhere rely me it was quite a mess so I’m trying to save you a bit of a mess OK so I’ve gathered this this is the end I gathered it out and through I’m videotaping it to my bun now it stands nice and even OK ready to get chaotic? this is a recreation recreation skill you can do this with your babies it is a super super super super chaotic skill OK let’s get started first thing to do is take my Mod Podge and situated it in the container now so I can get to it because my and yes that’s a lot of Mod Podge but my clean is preferably large-scale and I can’t really proceed into my my Mod Podge,

With it so i’m gonna swarm it into this container okay now here’s what I learned don’t be avaricious with your Mod Podge you gotta be slathering it on there that’s why it’s kind of recreation with the babies really really truly get laid there don’t be shy don’t put only a bit on there and the other thing that I realized that I should let you know is I had tried it with glue and water it operates but not as well for some reason Mod Podge just really seems to be the produce that works really well for this now this is where because you’ve got this taped now you can collect this up slather this thing and I did try a technique depict in little slice and pertaining my confetti but I felt that is really was not the best of techniques what you really want to do is just cover the whole top fraction of your bag so that you’re making a container chassis situated that off to the side grab your container you need your bowl and this is where you’re gonna take your confetti and start dispersing it on you really want to go to town with this, this is where babies can have fun now there’s some little depressions now try to fill in the depressions with your confetti this is where.

I think if I had tissue paper confetti I would be doing better than applying this confetti that I have here really made to ensure that you got every bit of it clothed now you’re gonna need to set this aside and let it bone-dry for about 8 hours this is why I said that this takes time you can’t surge this because you really want this bed to be dry and solid before you set on your next bed.

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Basic Oil Painting Techniques: How to Finish an Oil Painting

On behalf of Expert Village, my figure is Vince Fazio, and I am here to talk to you from the Sedona Art Center about one conference oil painting. To some extent it’s good too, toward the end of the process, a pace away from your painting, travel has a bowl of coffee, do something else because you are going to come back to it and you’re going to look at it with fresh eyes. If you can, it is best to forget about it. Speak something, do something that confuses you. And then come back to it, and that first glimpse tells you everything you need to know. A famed artist formerly replied “Content is in a glimpse” and no matter how long you work on a painting that’s true. So, what I did is I came back, and I looked at the edges of this figure, looked at the values and colors around the above figures and used all those figures around the above figures to isolate the figure in words of the silhouette.

And then went into the figure with the values and tints. The terrace got lowered, the purse implemented in, some little highlightings of stuff she had sitting on the patio. That constitutes kind of a nice color note out there. Kind of fetching some of the light blue-blooded from the sky back in down here. This became very, a vibrant green color. And, again I brought out the things that were initially attracted me to the image, and that’s really the extent. The painting took on a little more life when I added these bright pinks into the, not pink genuinely, but bright colors, beige kind of color to make the soil. And so I have what I started out with in my initial thumbnail sketch. I have a passing of light moving through the image, from background to foreground in that direction. And the above figure is an average episode in that passing of light. This painting will be posted on my blog where I will be, depictsI’m indicating small scale illustrates that I do as learn draws that are just done on a small scale.

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How to Bead Weave a Daisy Chain

Today I’m going to show you how to bead knit a daisy chain. It’s really a simple proficiency, and it is a lot of merriment. You could report a lot of distance in a short quantity of occasion which is really nice with beading knitting when you can do that. I have samples here. Here’s a classic daisy chain where you’ll visualize the daisy with the center. Then there are a few balls between it and the next daisy a few more balls another daisy. Here’s a variant on that where I’ve actually applied a larger size bead inside. So I’ve got 11/0 on the outside, and a size 8/ 0 in the middle and then I’ve done it where I’ve done one beading between each daisy and over here I haven’t employ any seed beads between the many daisies. I’ve just done one daisy next to another next to another, and I’ve actually added more around the outside. It might all seem a bit different claim now. I’m going to show you how to do all three different techniques.

Here’s only another variant where I’ve done the same technique, but I’ve applied Czech glass balls in size four millimeter. So to begin, you’re going to want to take some beading thread. Either Nymo, ko or I’ve got some wildfire depending upon what you’re going to want to be doing with it. I’ve stranded my needle onto the thread. I’m utilizing a size ten needle for the activity I’m doing. Of route, you’re going to want to opt your needle according to your project.

I’m going to place a stopper beading onto my thread. I’m going to tie a simple overhand bow leaving a posterior of about six to eight inches. And for you the first to route to do a daisy chain I’m going to go ahead and situate eight balls onto my needle. So I got five, six, seven, eight. You’re always going to want to have an even number of balls. You can run it, though. You can use six you can use ten. Do as many as you like. Pull those balls down to your bead stop. Depart onward and follow through that first beading string. Draw your needle through so you’ve created a loop. At this level try to gather your balls as close to the beading stop as you can. Take a different pigment beading. It can be the same size, or it can be larger. Draw that down. Position what will be the center beading in the center of your round and then weigh starting with the beading you went through firstly, so that was your first beading you strung, and then you only went through it again.

We want to count five balls over. This is if you’re going to do eight balls on this round. So one, two, three four, five. On the fifth beading come up through it thus fastening your middle beading in place, and you can see now that it’s stood directly in the center of your round. So you’ve got three balls on the side, one on both sides and then three balls on the top constituent as well. So that’s in the center. Now if you want to you can go ahead and add several beads.

I’ve got three here onto your beading thread as a spacer beading between your daisies. Then to make another daisy only simply pick up eight more I’ve got four, five, six, seven, eight Pull them down until they meet the spacer balls. Now go back through the first one, and if you impound it like this, it’s going to keep those neat and close up to your spacer balls. You can scoot them down as well. Depart onward and add a hub beading again. Count five balls from the beading you only exited through. So one two three four five. My fifth beading I’m gonna go through. There you have another daisy. Pick up a few more spacer beads.

I’m going to do one more daisy this route then I’m going to do another type. So eight balls again. Five, six, seven, eight. Draw them down. Depart through the first one. Make a clique. Include a middle beading. Position it in the center weigh five balls, so one, two, three, four, five follow through that fifth beading there are still you have a daisy. So we made a neat little chain like this.

I’m going to do one more daisy this route then I’m going to do another type. So eight balls again. Five, six, seven, eight. Draw them down. Depart through the first one. Make a clique. Include a middle beading. Position it in the center weigh five balls, so one, two, three, four, five follow through that fifth beading there are still you have a daisy. So we made a neat little chain like this.
Now if you want to do a little variant you can go ahead and only do one daisy next to another daisy without spacer balls, and you would just go ahead and pick up another eight balls directly after you finished your daisy. So I’ve got four, five, six, seven and eight. Draw these down. Reach sure you take note of where you’re Daisy aims, and your new balls begin. Go through that first beading you strung. This is going to be the first beading of the new Daisy. Depart onward and add a hub beading. Count five balls. One, two, three, four, five. Now to adjust the daisy chain a bit, if you want to add a larger beading in the middle such as this four millimeter round what I’m going to do is pick up ten balls the first time. So two, three. And I requirement more balls to accommodate “the world’s largest” circumference of my middle beading. I’m going to go through the first beading that I strung just like I did with my other daisies. I’m going to string now my middle beading position it in the middle. Now what I’m going do is I’m going to weigh six balls over, weighing the first one I started with.

So one, two, three, four, five, six. Depart from it. Pull tightly, and I’ll show you how to do that one more occasion. Pick up ten follow through the first beading string on your bigger middle beading position it in the middle weigh six beads one, two, three, four, five, six follow through it there are still you have your daisy join. That is all there is to bead knitting a daisy chain. Depart to for all of your beading render needs !.

How To Make a Dragon | Polymer Clay Tutorial

We are going to make a dragon today I was inspired by dragons and beasties onDeviantArtt that determined me wishes to design my very own dragon I’ve determined 2 3D dragons before the second is toothless back in 2014 which I do have a video on compiling it and the second dragon is foxy or pirate inspired dragon back in 2015. Now this is my third age making a dragon and this is a wintertime dragon based on my own design. What’s important in this tutorial is the technique and the thought process that I went through when developing this beast so I don’t want you to follow this video just so that you can recreate the exact same dragon but to exploit this video as a guide on how you can start to design and create your awfully own dragon or other creatures.
I will too show you how I made this wintertime seeming context. First I sketched out roughly on how the dragon would be examined like from my head but I did make changes as I start developing it with clay and oh, I have to apologize for the lighting in this video it was really bright so I had to darken it down and caliber isn’t that good I’m sorry about that. What I’m doing here is i’m exercising aluminium foil as the armature I merely deteriorated the foil into the shape of the Dragon that I have sketched out. The armature is for subscribe and to save clay too abbreviate the force of the Dragon. Then start lending the clay to the armature you can use any shade you miss. Start wrapping the clay on the armature. It’s better to wrap from the bottom up because it is easier to smooth out the seams. When designing a dragon you have to think about what kind of dragon you want to reach, what is the background legend and are there any power the dragon owns and so on. Visualize about the topic to your beast. Mine is a wintertime topic and the dragon is a gatekeeper or a gate guardian that’s why she will have a key.

Some other themes can be those four aspects of ardour, sea, hurricane, and earth. Or you are able to make a hybrid of different animals you like. Dragons are very flexible to design and the likelihoods are interminable. formerly “you think youre” does so with smoothing out the seams, start lending more clay to chassis the head and the neck. this is only the upper organization component. You want to smooth out the surface just as much as possible but if you can’t, you are able to ever make up a design that can envelop up the imperfections.

As you include clay should be considered the percentage and their own bodies organization of this beast, do you want to have a muscular organization build or a skinny one? Likewise compare the size of the head to the body. If “you think youre” making a cute child dragon, the head is usually big than their own bodies. I’m purporting for a adolescent type of a dragon so I miss a skinny and symmetrical organization and facial aspects. formerly the upper organization gapes good, take another pellet of clay and roll it into a cone shape.

This is the tail for the dragon. To connect the upper organization part and the fanny, I use a ball tool to indent the wider dissolve of the fanny first then connect and to smooth out the seams to reach their own bodies into one entire portion instead of 2 fragments. ball tools are available on my etsy patronize if you are looking that, by the way, merely shedding that in. another significant design phase to think about is the color of the dragon or other creatures. The colourings usually depends on the topic, for example, I’m focusing on a wintertime topic and I instantly thoughts about white because of snow, light-colored blue because of the coldness of wintertime. Quite much the characteristics of the topic that you want to create. Then I start to work on the head, I’m starting with the eyes first and I squandered this diamond chassis feline eye’s stone. I have other colourings available on my etsy patronize if you want to use this type of stones for your formations too. Formerly I determined the indentation for the eyes, residence the stone and thrust it into the clay then include the eyelids to cover up the bumpy edges.

For the rest of the head is certainly up to you. is certainly up to you. You can design it in anyway practice you miss. you are able to have cat like ears, include some tusks, spikes, proportions and so on. Have fun in designing your one of a kind beast. As you design, should be considered where it comes from, what type of beast it is, “re coming” with a entire legend for it and open it a name.

Make it personal so I’m not going into every single little steps or details on the designing component for my dragon but impede in judgment that as I was making this I certainly just wanted to incorporate just as much detail as possible so that I could treat up the shortcomings and you are able to not see it on the camera but there are a lot of shortcomings and dirt on my dragon. As a answer, I supplemented a lot of spikes to resemble ice.

I like to add some gemstones and jewelry to this dragon to give it more shade and temperament. So merely decorate it in regardless I miss or any practice you miss for your dragons. here I’m exercising glow in the dark clay for the tusks, there are many different appearances and qualities out there, but I exited with twisting 2 fragments of curls together and open it a fragment of curve. As you can see here I have supplemented some gemstones near the eyes, some spikes around the ears and the neck, also on top of the head. For the spikes on the back I use glow-in-the-dark clay. This is inspired by a toothless and the glow-in-the-dark aspect help to reach this dragon a little bit more magical. If “you think youre” stuck on designing your dragon and don’t know where to start, you can find inspirations from animations, movies, your babies, journals, other artists’ formations, quality and even your dreams.

My revelation received from looking at other artists’ formations and I borrowed a bunch of journals on dragons merely to understand more about this mythical beast. I have one large-scale and one small-scale pellet of clay. The large-scale one I’m mold it into a soft margin triangle and this is the big thigh for the dragon and the small one is the foot. Dragons have many kinds of paws and the chassis depends on what you are going for your dragon. Again you are able to should be considered the position that you want your dragon to be in. I selected a sitting position since it’s easier to make for this video’s determination. I like to mix the thigh to the body instead of merely putting side by side. Mixing the clay together will help to secure the fragments stronger. The paunch of the dragon is fairly grime, I know that you can’t really see it on the camera and I didn’t feel like emptying it with rubbing alcohol so I chose to include some light-colored blue color in fragments for defining the belly or the tummy.

Every move you reach is a member ofthe conceive and it certainly cures if there is a legend to go along with the dragon. The legend helps to define or rebut design investigates such why is the paunch in blue instead of orange or why there are spikes and so on. Sometimes I can over decorate this dragon so I had to step back and look at it from afar to choose what needs to be added or taken away. For some reason I appear the head is extremely empty-bellied and cold so I figure I should be add some hair or mane to this dragon. This reminds me of Jack Sparrow’s hairdo.

If the clay doesn’t stick to each other include some TLS or roast and ligament for stronger components and this is how the winter dragon looks like so far. Now I’m working on the fanny and one of the books I’ve speak established several different ideas for the fanny chassis and determined me think what chassis I should give to this dragon. The fanny is actually quite important so don’t skip this part. Since it’s a wintertime dragon, I chose to twist white and light-colored blue shade clay together in accordance with the arrangements of icicle and reach several of this to be attached to fanny so it will look like ice sounding out. I address some TLS for better attachment. You can reach the fanny really simple or make it super detailed.

alright, so here are the 2 arms for the dragon. One weapon I want it to touch the foot and the other to touch the key. The arms are quite simple to reach, I merely roll the clay into teardop appearances and then divide the digits, or the claws, or paws, I don’t know what you call it. but yea the arms look like feline paws, it’s cuter this practice and easier to reach. so one weapon is straight and the other one has a bit of curve to it. Since this dragon is a door Guardian it is appropriate for her to have a key. I got this key from I have the link down below. I initially was just thinking about her bracing the key in both arms  but that didn’t work out so one weapon stroking the key is a simple solution. I affixed one of the arms in this position so that the key will go under the paw or the dragon’s hand.

To treat the shortcomings, I’m going to add a bunch of these little rice like fragments to the arms, the back and the thighs. It’s good to have different sizes and you are able to introduced it pretty much anywhere you miss but I miss to cover up the shortcomings. Moving onto the most exciting and challenging component is compiling the offstages. There are many different types of offstages out there and I want to go for an angel like offstages because when I hear the word trustee, I think about angels.

There is no right or wrong design so don’t be scared to design what you miss for your beast. I know the offstages are going to be quite heavy so I have to use wire to maintain the overall chassis. I’m exercising 22 estimate wire here and blending into the chassis I miss. It’s a bit tricky to get two offstages exactly the same so I eyeballed the chassis and the size. You can check by them by bracing them side by side and look what i found feature methods, up and down to see if they are close in shape and size to each other. Then I positioned it onto the back of the dragon merely to have indentation for the wire. Afer that, take the wire out and start embracing it with clay. Cut out the chassis you necessary and wrap the clay around the wire. This doesn’t have to be excellent because I will more clay to it later on. make sure to leave some wire discovered on the component where it connects to the back of the Dragon. Once the first stage of the offstages are done, put them back to the dragon and you may appear the offstages are wobbly which quarry did so I supplemented more clay on the link point to help strengthen the offstages for moving down on the back.
Formerly the offstages appear strong on the back it is high time to cleaning process any dust particles and fingerprints that are still noticeable. I use this rubbing alcohol and a small graze or you can use a Q tip-off to clean up any dirt molecules. Before putting the dragon within the oven to roast I want to make sure the offstages won’t break-dance during baking because I use a wood stove which has a supporter inside that could place greater pressure on the wing. So here I’m exercising 22 estimate wire for subscribe. Basically I’m bending the wire into a rectangle chassis and draw the 2 deaths apart so that is able to stand. Now is a picture showing where I would place the wire stand for subscribe when I roast this dragon. Now is the time to roast this in the oven for 5 minutes exclusively to let the offstages thicken so that I could include more clay to it.
The purpose of prebaking is aimed at preventing from messing up the constitute of the offstages. This is prebaked and as you can see on the right wing, I have once set more clay on it. That’s pretty much how I miss the offstages to look like and I’m going to show you how I did it. You can look up reference pictures of offstages to get inspirations. I miss the offstages to have the same composition as the hair or the mane so I roll out a bunch of curls and applied some TLS on the wing first before locating the curls on. Unbaked clay doesn’t affix well to the broiled clay that’s why you need some TLS or roast and ligament for compiling sure the fresh clay stay on. I first included the part backstage with the long curls then shorter curls for the second bed. Having different mantles helped to create publication and degree. Now I need to cover up those bumpy rims on the wing so I determined teardrop appearances and drop them into thin pieces then start locating them under the offstages and the bumpy rims. Make sure to have different sizes. I pretty much merely overlap each portion like this.

Formerly I get to the edges I wrap the clay from under up then include the rest of the details on the areas I miss. I supplemented a great deal on the back to help support the offstages and to cover up the seams. the last fragment of detail is to add some pearlx gunpowder on the wing. I use several different colourings to appreciate which ones came out better.

A slight hint of amber is neat to the offstages. I too supplemented some blue for more of cold feel. Formerly I’m done powdering it’s time to roast this dragon again. But this time I broiled it for 20 hours. I use polymer clay which is oven bake clay but if you use breeze cool clay, then you don’t need to roast it. This is all baked and oled down, I’m referring some gloss to the offstages to close up the pearlx gunpowder because because it can come off if you don’t glaze it. I have this specific gloss may be consulted in my etsy if you need it. We are not completely done more, well, this part is optional so you can choose to make it or not. I want to make a scene or cornerstone for this wintertime dragon to sit on so let’s begin by making the quartzs which I meant to be ice.

First shape or form the white shade pipe cleaners into the chassis that you miss for the quartzs. I’m making large-scale and small-scale ones merely to have some variants and affix fibres to them. The main ingredients for organizing those lustrous quartzs is Borax and you too necessary hot water. I got Borax at Target at the clean segment. So what the hell are you need to do is crowd the large-scale jar with hot roasting sea, yes it has to be with boiling sea or else it won’t work.
Then include Borax to the sea and arouse, I’m just exercising a plastic spoon for this you have to add enough borax in order to grow quartzs so merely impede lending it until the sea becomes cloudy and that it cannot view anymore borax. Then I place some into small-scale flasks and I include blue food coloring to both flasks and arouse. Then confines the string to the pipe cleaner onto a graze or you can use pokes and make the pipe cleaner hang in the pot overnight so I do recommend you do this before you go to sleep.

It takes about eight hours to appreciate a good extent of quartzs growing on the pipe cleaners. Now I’m taking the quartzs out and to bake them I just let them sit on the newspaper towel for a couple of hours. meanwhile I’m going to paint this wooden cornerstone with white acrylic covers. Yeah I did place too much make-up on it. Urgh. Let the make-up cool first before keep moving formerly everything possible must dried I use hot adhesive handgun to glue the quartzs onto the wooden cornerstone. I already took out the fibres on the quartzs. After that I use cotton chunks to cover the rest of the wooden cornerstone and it helps to cover up the hot adhesive handgun on the quartzs. The cotton ball is meant to look like snow but it does look like cloud. I use regular Elmer’s glue to glue the cottons on. Now I’m lending a blue gemstone on key since it has a place for it I’m exercising super adhesive to glue the stone onto the key then situates the dragon onto the cornerstone and standing the key so that the dragon looks like she’s touching it.

Now we are DONE with this dragon. This is my first time going to such an give for a polymer clay assignment although I did have numerou all nighters for structure in college. Man that was such a battle back then. This whole situation made me about three periods to complete I’m very happy on how it turned out and learned a lot on making this. I hope you find this helpful and tag artzierush if you happen to make a dragon or a beast of your own. I currently have polymer clay starter’s kit available amongst other substances I used in this video on my Etsy shop, connect is down below if you are interested. Thank you so much for watching and I hope you experience this video if you do, give me a thumb’s up so I know.

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