Art and Craft decoration DIY – How to Make a Cat from Recycled Newspaper

Hi today I want to show you how I will make this cat out of newspaper I will start paint cat Now I will cut out cat and this is will be my pattern I transfer pattern on cardboard and I will cut out cat out of cardboard I will need two cat out of cardboard now I use few rolls from cardboard wide about 5 centimeters and I will fix it these rolls with hot glue gun at several locations and now I will fix the second cat out of cardboard on the rolls from cardboard.
Now I will wrap cat with wrapping foil, and now I use rolls from newspaper, and I will fix rolls together with little bit glue, and I will wrap this rolls around cat in all directions, and I will make the end Now I use rolls from newspaper around the circumference of the cat.

Now I use glue and after drying I will cut newspaper rolls between two rolls now I remove cardboard and wrapping foil, and I have two halves Now I use spray paint, and now I will fix two halves of cat together with hot glue gun, and I will cover this connection with another roll from newspaper I use more spray paint and here is my cat and I will decorate cat with ribbon I use smaller bow and flower, and I will fix flower to bow with hot glue gun, and I will fix this bow with flower on cat, and I have finished decorating, and I made this new decoration from recycling material and recycle newspapers I think that it looks a nice.

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