Geometric Abstract Art lesson preview how to paint large texture artworks

Today we’re gonna take you through an abstract artwork. We’ll do it step-by-step. But we’ll fast motion it up for you, so you’ll get to see the whole situation are working together. So sit by and enjoy.[ music] Well here we have another finished artwork. I hope you enjoyed watching the beginnings of this artwork are working together. I wasn’t able to show you the full artwork because it’s such a slow artwork to create. You gotta be so slow and meticulous. It would have taken such a very long time on the video to do that for you. So I’ve just added a short peek to seeing how you see it is working together. It’s just a matter of putting colorings on top colorings. To start off with. I used a beautifully textured base to start off with. And that presents us a real interest in the artwork. I’ll zoom in to be allowed to “ve got a bit of a” seam, and you can see all that texture lead-in that I’ve being implemented in underneath here to get those textures working for you. Then once you’ve got the texture on, you’ve gotta be able to tape up all of these shapes, and we’ve gotta be able to do that in a manner that is that we are able to hinder those sharp boundaries without color bleeding through where all the rough edges are on the texture underneath.

So I’ll be demonstrating you the step-by-step format on one of my next DVDs in my series. So if are you gonna go to the website, check out the website and check a whole piling of other art lessons with entirely different art styles. So, I hope you enjoyed that. And until next time, happy depict.

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