DIY: Easy Bracelets using Drinking Straws – Recycling Project

Did you know that you can use drinking straws not only for sucking your favorite soda or milkshakes? But too for obligating colorful bracelets that are perfect for summertime? They are so recreation and natural to force, you won’t believe it! And today I’m going to show you how to obligate them so you can obligate them For this project you are going to need nylon thread in the color of your selection.

A few drinking straws in the color of your choice as well I employed ordinary plastic straw I had at home. And you will also need scissors, a marker, a ruler and some tape. Start by segmenting the straw into segments extending your marker I assessed out 1 cm, but you are able to measure out any section you want. If “you’ve had” that, plow ahead and cut the straw into patches expanding the employment guidelines we are only created I cut off about 20 -2 5 pieces of straw after that, cut off your nylon thread at about 1 meter or more so you have enough thread working in cooperation with it.

Then fold the yarn in half and protected the crease with some tape to your desk Now we can finally start establishing the bracelet First take one side of the thread and gather it through the straw from one surface like a pendant. Then do the same with the other end of the thread And then draw everything tight Be sure to obligate the loop at the top not very broad as this is going to be a part of the ending. Now you only need to repeat this step until your bracelet is long enough for your wrist too.

Pull one surface of the thread through the straw and then do the same with the other side. It doesn’t matter what side you are going to start with and if the fiber should be below or above, so don’t worry about that Every access acts fine! If you want to leave space between each straw patch for your design, you can do that of course. But if you get uneven spreads in between and you don’t like it, you are able to carefully draw everything together by moving one patch at a time towards the crown. And as soon as the bracelet is long enough, fasten the end with a bow. Now you are able to create a closure that you are able to open and close.

You can add a bigger patch of straw the same way as we did with the bracelet role and protected it with some bows/ This access you are able to gather it through the loop and wear it like that. Or you can just secure both concluded with a few bows since the bracelet is pretty elastic ensure that you are obligated bows that are strong enough, so the bracelet doesn’t open accidently. And maybe you know a kind of proper bow technique that is absolutely secure You can bind the bracelets however you like. You can use drinking straws in 2 different colors Cut the patches a lot smaller Or mingled 2 different sizes together So basically you can experiment and create your own favorite bracelet! And if “you’re willing to” recreate these bangles, ensure that you are share situation with me! I would really love to see them! I hope you experienced this video and felt it helpful if you did, be sure to like this video and agree if you haven’t already to watch more recreation and easy DIYs in the future!

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