Polymer Clay Landscape Painting Tutorial (Intro Vol-083)

Hi, guys, this is Cindy Lietz, your Polymer Clay Tutor, and this is the introduction video to my paid tutorial serial; Landscape Painting in Polymer Clay. Now, these are really tiny little mini- paintings that are done on canvas, just like these little ones here, and they’re stretched canvas, but they are completely covered in Polymer clay. So the whole situation is done in Polymer Clay, the backgrounds, the covered on textures, the 3D elements in the paintings are all done in Polymer Clay. So I’ll show you few different instances here, I’ve got this tree here, that’s got … you know the textural tree and the wheeling mounds in the background … and all of these little mini paintings are more on the general feature, they are not supposed to look super reasonable. Now I’ve also … right to the side here, I’ve got another drawing does so with a cherry tree branch coming from the side, wrapping around to the figurehead with a cluster of little blooms and kind of a sundown and wheeling hills.

Down below here, I have another minuscule little person, this one’s only 2 inches by 2 inches, those other 2 were 3 inches by 3 inches. And this little one is a coast incident, it comes beach and small seeds and ridges and lake. It’s more of a lake event with the mountains and substance there. Now over here, I’ve got a couple more paintings, both does so with the same backgrounds but imparted entirely different effects.

This one has a real modern look to it, it’s various kinds of just straightforward and clean lines with a textural horizon way and the little 3D sun there and the little strings in the base percentage to give kind of the inspect of pastures and stuff. And then this one here is much more textural, more painting- like, and it’s got ridges in the background and a little tree in the figurehead foot there. This procedure can be done on this little mini canvas, and I’ll show you some examples of the paintings that are available out there.

You can get the little 2 by 2 stretched canvas … I got these at Michaels actually, and so they are available in quite a few targets. This one is a 3 by 3… or you are eligible to buy these little easels for the paintings, which are utterly cute. And then, I likewise got a change of these light-footed colored easels with a cluster of coat cards. So they are not really stretched canvas, but they have an art composition on them, and that’s what I did this one drawing on. And then I likewise find … actually, at my local dollar supermarket, a really nice little easel and a little bit bigger unfolded canvas and then, of course, you could do any sort of width you wanted are dependent on what the fuck is … it has to fit in your oven, though. But I actually affection these little guys, it moves for the purposes of an easier … not exactly easier, but a neat little big project to do, consumes hardly any clay and you can do quite a few different instances without devastating your opening with large paintings. I think you’re gonna really affection this tutorial it’s got lots of tips-off and techniques that can be used in lots of different areas of Polymer clay.  You could even use it in jewelry, these little mini- paintings, of course, would be charming in a doll room but they would be lovely hanging on your wall, turned into magnets, even a piece of jewelry if you wanted to.

So, we will hopefully see you in the next video of this serial.

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