Japan Haul 2016 – Art Supplies

Hello everybody, how are you? This is Andreja and welcome to my third Japan haul which is all about art supplies and stationary. Are you ready? Let’s go! Let’s start on the right. This cute little fox folder was purchased at the Fushimi Inari in Kyoto.  It was way too cute not to get it Then here we have these really cool rainbow pencils I want to use them just so I can sharpen them and create some rainbow shavings.

Next to it we have two adorable Rilakkuma mechanical pencils How cute are they? Speaking of Rilakkuma here is an exquisite container with some paper notes. Then, here are 3 water brushes, They are used in conjunction with water paints, inks, watercolor pencils and can create all sorts of cool effects. Now this beautiful pastel palette contains some gorgeous opalescent pigments I’ve only used them once during my eye-making sessions, but I am looking forward to playing with them a bit more sometime soon. Next item is a portable watercolor sketch set. This can be used with regular brushes or with a water brush.

The set actually includes a water brush which is pretty impressive Moving on we have some Copic products Let’s start with some official Copic paper. This one is meant to be excellent for blending but I haven’t had time to try it yet Then here are some brown.  Multi-liners and a mechanical pencil that I’ve been using for sketching. Continuing with more multi-liners, I got some other colors too here you can see some warm gray multi liners and some cool gray multi-liners.

Now here are some gold, silver and white pens. The ones on the right are actually glitter pens which I thought was pretty cool so if I feel that my drawing needs a bit of a sparkle, I can use those. Alright, let’s see the Copics that I got These were all purchased separately, I did not get a set since I prefer buying colors that I know I will use a lot If you want to know my favorite place to buy Copics.  I and want to know how much I paid for them I then check this other video I also managed to find another Copic wire stand, YEY! Also, this is the sketchbook that I’ve been using for my chibi videos It doesn’t say what kind of paper it is, but it can blend the colors quite well.

Another thing that I got were some refills I got these 3 colors since I know that I will be using them a lot. They do cost a bit more than a regular. Copic but they can refill a marker up to 11 times I heard so if you use Copics a lot, these will save you a lot of money in the long run. Relating to that I also got some spare nibs, just in case I damage them when refilling. Next to those you can see the booster needle, which helps you injecting the ink into the marker. And then there is also the first tweezer to help you pull out the nibs when refilling And this is all for today’s haul, I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing all the cool art supplies goodies that I got. Don’t forget that I have other Japan hauls on my channel and if you want to know exactly in which store I bought each of the items then head over to my Patreon page, where I have 9 videos sharing all the details. Thank you so much for watching, take care, and I will see you again next Saturday Bye!

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