Art Techniques: Using Grids to Copy Images & Create Patterns: Grids for Paintings: Combining Images

I wanted to just try a different way of recombining these. Again, I”ve been thinking about” the grid and the case of components and decorations and so on and so I’ve cut these up into rectangles. I haven’t cut up the whole image so you can see still various kinds of getting an idea. Here’s the original one that we worked with. And I’ve cut these up, and I’m going to start seeing, I’m not going to try to keep that as an image, I’m going to try to save it as an image.

But I’m going to envision what I can do with kind of putting in some of these facets. And how successful that can be. So “it’s certainly true it is” sort of playing with this idea of I’m using a grid make you can see the grid ingredients here, but I’m moving things around so that they’re sort of off-kilter. Ensure so I’m going to move that over here, and so we want more of this image over here. So we’re sort of keep moving up this way, so that actually establishes more sense if we do this and then that moves over here and then this would move over here. So that you get this feel of, how far can you take this? What can you make out of it? And all I’m use is a bunch of cut up photo. But designing has a lot of places to take you so this is all like offset and I think it’s actually something I could start to work with.

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