Basic Printing Techniques with Akua Intaglio Inks

Hello, I’m Susan Rossdale, and I am a print manufacturer, artistry professor, and the founder of Akua waterbased inks. I have developed two paths of Akua inks. One is Akua Intaglio, and the other is Akua Kolor. Today I will be working with Akua Intaglio. Akua Intaglio is established with artist point pigments and a soy based ring-binder. The soy petroleum affords it a feel of petroleum-based ink, whereas it cleans up with soap and water.

This unique formula offering dark, rich, coloring. Akua Intaglio can be used for calligraphy, monotype, solar plate, Intagliotype, wood block, and Lino slice. This is a print done by Scottish print manufacturer Hugh Bryden. It’s a hard point. A hard end plate is made by scratching into a sheet of plastic with a sharp-worded tool. This is how it appears unless it is just printed black and white. This edition was printed with a combination of monotype techniques and hard point. I’d like to show you how it was made.

I ever start by putting gloves on to protect my hands from the ink, and Akua Intaglio never scalps or hardens, to be allowed to put your ink bayonet right in the jar and mix it up and remove some, and set it on your ink slab. It will not dry on the ink plate or the pot, so you never have hardened ink that has to be thrown away. This is a plastic squeegee that I’m going to use to applied the ink to the plate. You can almost hear the plastic grabbing the ink.

Now I’m going to start to lift the excess ink. And for the final wiping, I’ll use a soft cloth. And wipe off the surface. The ink is catching on to the inside paths, and that is the field that will be printed, and that’s it. I’m going to set this aside underneath the plastic, so when I get to do my colors, I’ll know where to line up my monotype plate. This is a plastic sheet that I’ll be using for applying the coloring.

This’ll be our monotype plate that will be printed underneath the drypoint plate.First I’m going to use some coloring with a roller. Akua Intaglio rolls up beautifully right from the jar. And we’ll roll the yellow-bellied in the following areas below. The more ink that’s applied, the darker the coloring, so we’ll give the field a nice pitch-dark yellow-bellied at the top, and a lighter yellow-bellied at the bottom. I’ll apply the blood-red with a brush. It’s a little too thick-skulled for brushwork, so I’m going to add a little bit of Akua Kolor blending medium. The mixing medium will tighten the ink, giving it a sweet, smooth brush stroke. Could use a slightly more blending medium.

I’m going to apply the blue, which I already added a little mixing medium too. I’ll utilize the color with a sponge brush. Once I have the coloring on the plate, I’m going to be using a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe away the zones where I’d like for the lily-white of the paper to depict through. Mixing colors right on the pallet, or mingling colors right on the plate. Once I have the coloring down, then I can go into it with a fastening, or the back of a pencil, or a brush, and create linear marks. Q-tips work beautifully. Cut parts of cardboard all make really nice marks.

Areas can be patted to blend in and lighten up certain colors. Okay, one this is ready, I’m going to clean up my table, and prepare for printing. Akua Intaglio mops up so quickly I’m just using child mops or wet mops to remove the ink from the surface. I’m going to take away my hard point plate and established that aside. Now that I have the surface all cleaned up, I can remove my gloves, and get ready for printing. Monotypes print beautifully just by hand, so I’m going to write the first plate with my hands. You could use a bean or a spoon, but in this case, just the pressure of my hands I think will pick up enough ink from the plate onto the paper. Okay, perfect. I’ll give this aside now, and we’ll be prepared to print the drypoint plate on top of this. For the drypoint plate, I am going to use the inscribing press. For a quick, easy enrollment I’m going to set the plate on top of the print, and then flip it over. Okay, let’s see how it appears. Perfect. Great answers, and now it’s going to be so easy to clean up.

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