Art Tips and Art Techniques: How to seal a canvas for painting art

Hi. Welcome back to Art Fusion Productions. Today I’m going to give you another little paint tip-off, merely to cure shaping stuff a little bit easier when you’re creating your artwork. The concoction I’m gonna show you today is the Atelier Binder Medium. Now this is a highly versatile concoction. It’s got a lot of different utilizations in the art world.

But today what I’m going to do, is appearance you how we’re going to close a canvas with it. Now, when we request this to the canvas, it’s gonna assist the adhesion of your depicts. It’s also gonna help prevent the moisture loss through the canvas itself. So we’ll plow ahead and establish you how to relate it, and we can “ve got a bit of a” chat while we’re exploiting the Medium for you. Now, applying this concoction is easy as 1, 2, 3.

All we do is just run some onto our canvas, and with a delightful, clean-living, cover, we’re just gonna make-up it straight on. Now, you are able to dilute this if you like, and down to 1-part Binder Medium, 1-part water, if you wanna have a more liquid Medium vanishing on your canvas. You can do your whole canvas, you can do component of your painting, it depends on what artwork you’re working on. But that’s all there is to apply your Binder Medium.

Very, exceedingly, simple. And that merely plies you with that hair across your canvas to help close that painting. So that’s it, that’s all there is to it. You just let that concoction bone-dry. Well, how simple was that to work. Now we’ve applied the Binder Medium for a couple of different reasonableness. Firstly to close that canvas. When you are buying a pre-product canvas, a slew of them come out of the factories with waxes and clays and different things on them which you’re not aware of. And they cause real problems linked to the adhesion of all your paintings and Mediums. The Binder Medium, coated across, solves all those problems. Goes right across all those dangerous illness that might be on the canvas, and all your paintings and Mediums will adhere very vigorously and as they’re meant to and as they’re made for. So that’s one exquisite reason to use your Binder Medium.

It also gives you that part of a smoother surface to depict on, so if that’s what you’re looking for. If you crave a bit more tooth to your surface, you are able to as Gesso if you like. The other thing we do by putting the Binder Medium on is to help prevent moisture loss when you’re using your depicts. Now when you’re using your paints, your depicts will dehydrate from the back of the canvas as well as the figurehead, and to create a bit more additional open-time with that make-up, and more workability, the Binder Medium helps keep that bone-dry from the backside just as much. So it slows down the drying process. So that’s another reason why we’ve to give this Medium on our canvas as “were having.” So, gape, I hope that’s just helped you understand how to use a Binder Medium and the reasons why we use it. It’s a wonderful concoction. So many different utilizations, and we’ll ask a few more of those and the gratuities for you in other little videos. So, until then, joyful paint .

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