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I’m gonna show you how to draw exercising a graphics tablet like a Wacom tablet. Now the committee is a little bit bigger and likely a lot different than the tablet you have at home. This is a Wacom Cintiq, but it manipulates just like a graphics tablet like a Wacom Intuos. Like one of these USB examples which is likely what you have at home. It pushes into your computer. The Cintiq pushes into my computer very, but it has a built-in screen I’m just going to use it as a regular tablet now. And the nature the tablet runs is you hover your confine over the screen to move your mouse cursor.

And when you press down with a tip-off of your pen you’re going to draw a line. Now I have this tablet set to project to my observer now. So if I start extorting on my screen, on my Cintiq, on my tablet, you’ll see that it apply to my observer. Now if I’m working on one surface of my tablet and I move to the other, you can see the order goes to the other side. So where you point to you on your tablet is where you’re going to be extorting on your screen It doesn’t work like a mouse or trackpad does. So I’m gonna prepared this back to draw on the actual screen itself now. So now that I propped the screen back up and swapped the extorting mode over to the Cintiq you can see that if I draw on the Cintiq, this is pretty much the same upshot you’re gonna get from an Intuos except you won’t be able to envision what you’re extorting on the screen you’re extorting on. You’ll have to look up at your observer I’m exercising an HDTV is my monitor but you could use high standards computer screen But again, where you point to on your tablet is where you’re going to be extorting on your screen like so.

Now it’s crucial to have your tablet ready with your screen. So you don’t want to have your tablet kinda off to the surface. You don’t want to be genuinely sitting off to the side as I am now. You likely want to be right in front of your tablet, straight on. Because if you’re not, that will make it a little harder to draw. Your hand-eye coordination is about to be thrown off. So be right in front of your tablet and have your tablet right in front of your screen. Everything is perfectly lined up and parallel. Now these pencils have pen distress, so if you press down lightly, you’ll get a thin line. And if you pulp press down hard you get a thick-skulled order. Witness how I get that is actually, genuinely wide range in my order? You can customize that if you go into your control panel and ogle for Wacom tablet assets. Inside of the Wacom tablet Assets Control Panel, you can set the tip-off feel which assures how hard there is a requirement press down to get Pen Pressure. So you may want to change this.

I have excavation set towards house because I tend to press down really hard when I reap. You can try these different settings now. You also may want to gauge your tablet. If you sound this indicator button, I’ll give you some little targets. You want to try to keep your pen tier when you gauge, that nature everything will be nice and rowed up with your pen tip-off. There are probably a lot of other installs that you can change now, but it’s really gonna depend on what kind of tablet you’ve bought as far as what installs you have.

This particular tablet has pen inclines, and it has an eraser, and it also has some shortcut keys now that do different things. Your tablet may or may not have those features So I’m just gonna go ahead and close out this and do a little more extorting so you can be seen to what extent the results of this work. Alright. So there you go. There’s another video of how to draw exercising a graphics tablet like a Wacom Cintiq or Wacom Intuos If you receive this information supportively, take an immediate second to like this video and share it with your friends.

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